Modern Marbleized Epoxy Countertop Transformation

Anthony W Jul 30, 2023
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Save the costs of replacing dated countertops by refinishing in epoxy!

Kitchen countertops were in solid condition that didn't need the higher priced options of a full gut job of replacing with granite, or marble. A couple burn marks where a hot pan was sat down were sanded out along with rest of counter and patched prior to primer epoxy.


Sanded and made ready for epoxy!

Sink removed. Scraped all along and 60 grit sanded to knock anything off surface. Laminate face areas to both sides of stove were loose so both were removed and patched with same patching compound as burn marks. Hand sand papered the face of the counter and used Dremel sanding attachment for the tighter counter crevices. Surface is then wiped completely clean with denatured alcohol before application of first step waterbased epoxy primer.


Primer applied - cured and looking great for next step metallic epoxy!

This part of the application is where things start to take shape. You no longer see the little surface imperfections that there once was. The main color of the surface is completely different. A better general idea of how things are going to look is given. Roller marks are seen during this step generally, as primer application is solely to provide a bond coat between the underlying surface and the thicker metallic epoxy. Having a primer also acts as a base as a different color in primer, will make the next step metallic finish look differently. In this application in particular we wanted the counter to be as white as possible, so an all-white primer was used.


Metallic Marbleized Epoxy Drop!!!! 🔥

Always my favorite part of the process. Dropping the metallic epoxy and being able to let the creativity flow. (literally) Material moves and flows for several hours so taped plastic to protect cabinets and anything where it will drip on to is important. This application was really fun - not just because this color combination is so sought after, but because I was able to put a unique touch to it by tying some extra detail in it besides gray. The kitchen I had the pleasure to work on is for a childhood family I grew up with, going back a good 15 years. Karen wanted some tan coloring tied in to accent future wall paint plans in the kitchen. ✨ Check out the pop in the detail from the lighting when it glares off the surface! So cool! 😊





Epoxy wrap up day - Topcoat applied / plastic removed. Appliances back in place.

Surface imperfections from anything that settled over surface, and any drips were sanded and cleaned up before topcoat applied. Waterbased urethane applied to keep gloss, surface UV protected, and anti-microbial properties that are great for countertops and kitchens. Being waterbased allowed for plastic to be removed, so space was left looking much cleaner than previous day of plastic being taped up. Both the stove and fridge were carefully pushed back into place without touching sides of the freshly applied clear topcoat. Felt nice seeing everything so cleaned up and into place. Application was completed near 8pm on a Sunday evening and was ready for regular use Monday at the same time.



Matte black sink to complete the new modern look! 🖤

48 hours allowed to let metallic epoxy to cure prior to new sink install. This sink is fresh! Something so simple like a new sink, really does put an extra emphasis to the space of a fresher look! Counters does a little bit too 😉 This installation was some work on both the front end and back end, but having the ability to provide a service and reconnect was super worthwhile and a real pleasure! Loved being able to help start the kitchen revamp with the counter refinishing and to do work that didn't feel fully like work. 🔨🙃




If you benefited from seeing this little blog post or feel like anyone you know could - Feel free to share this with them! As a small one-man operation, I appreciate the word-of-mouth referrals that come my way, and truly put all my efforts into every application I am blessed to take part on. - Anthony

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